Project Description

In February 2015, RIC began working as a design-build project team with Clarkson Construction and HDR, Inc to improve nearly three miles of Waverly Road, in Edgerton, KS, making it a heavy-haul corridor and a new connection between US-56 and 199th Street. The public infrastructure enhancements were necessary to provide access to private property on Waverly Road south of 191st Street and the direct-rail served property north of 183rd Street, allowing 3.4 million additional square feet of direct rail space, in addition to the 11 million square feet of warehouse space at Logistics Park Kansas City by NorthPoint Development.  The project was completed on an accelerated schedule in June of 2016 within the guaranteed maximum price of $30 million, funded by KDOT.  

The Waverly Road project has been recognized throughout the industry for it’s unique characteristics and complexity.   The project received the 2017 Kansas City Business Journal Capstone Award for Infrastructure Category and also received the Missouri/Kansas Chapter of ACPA Excellence in Paving Award for Municipal Street & Intersection (>30,000 SY) completed in the State of Kansas in 2016. Kansas Transportation Secretary (now former), Mike King at the Waverly Road Ribbon Cutting ceremony said “This project is a great example of how a public and private partnership can enhance Kansas’ connection to the global supply chain.”

The design-build project consisted of  reconstructing the existing road to support truck traffic for non-standard, heavy loads as well as extending the road south and adding an east-west crossroad at 196th Street. RIC is responsible for designing the southern half of Waverly Road, which begins at the 191st Street Intersection and is approximately 1 mile in length. We provided the following services for the Waverly Road Design-Build Project:

– Full grading and drainage design and plans for the south portion of Waverly Road. The deliverable for this included a full 3D terrain model for the proposed roadway and grading.

– Drainage design which included 5 separate drainage systems comprised of 63 structures and nearly 6,000 feet of concrete storm sewer, meeting APWA Design Criteria

– Full paving plans for the south portion of the project including jointing, pavement marking, signing, and entrance design with ADA compliant sidewalk ramps

– Survey services for the north and south portions of the project

– Writing of legal descriptions for Right-of-Way acquisitions for the entire length of the corridor


Waverly Road