Project Description

RIC is providing the site civil engineering and public infrastructure for the entire 1,700 acre Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) development in Edgerton, Kansas under contract with NorthPoint Development. To date, LPKC totals 10.5 million square feet of industrial warehouse including what has been built, is under construction, and/or is under design. Our work includes design survey, platting, construction staking, land development engineering, rail spur design, and the public sanitary sewer interceptor, street, storm, and water main design. In 2017, RIC completed the design of a rail spur on time in order to serve Inland Port XL within the LPKC complex. This design included a new No. 11 solar powered power turnout off of the existing BNSF industrial lead track just north of BNSF’s Intermodal Facility. The project included 1,570 track feet of proposed spur, coordination with the developer, contractor, and site engineers, and associated drainage design. The track was successfully completed in the summer of 2017. RIC is currently working on development of plans for Phase II of the rail serve project.

LPKC Rail Serve