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Untitled Document Our Story

Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting was founded in Overland Park, Kansas in January 2010. The vision was to create a company that could help clients solve their infrastructure challenges, building upon the partnership’s longstanding local relationships and industry success.

We are passionate about what we do. We have worked on hundreds of projects all throughout the Midwest. Our aim is to become our client’s trusted advisor.

Our culture is a lot like the word renaissance for which we are named: energetic, creative, and resilient. We have established a diverse team who are united by a common set of principles. Our team approach ensures that everyone works together. We give our team members the opportunity to “wear a different hat” allowing them to grow and learn. We are a tight knit group focused on our clients and their success.

Untitled Document Creative Ideas and Practical Solutions – We realize the importance of asking the questions “why” and “why not?” Our staff combines the wisdom of experience with the power of creative thought to each of our clients’ challenges. We do this while keeping in mind that our solutions must be cost effective, sustainable, practical in construction, and especially practical when in use by future generations.

Relationship Driven – Our project work starts with people – not numbers, quantities or calculations, but people. We strongly believe that everything we do is relationship-driven - everything we have accomplished has been because of a relationship that we have had. We help people and communities solve problems – so we start with the people side of the equation first, and keep it foremost in our minds as we work to fulfill our clients’ objectives. Our primary goal is to help people we have developed relationships with to solve challenging problems and to help realize visions and dreams.

Midwest Connected – Our Midwest roots run wide and deep. Our staff has extensive experience throughout the Midwest. From city council members, to senior leaders in municipal and state governments, to regulators – we have developed the relationships, connections and, most importantly, respect of many individuals who are key to achieving project success.

Project Management Focused – Long ago one of our mentors told us “There is never a perfect project.” Our clients rely on us for technically sound work that is on schedule and on budget. They rely on us to navigate and successfully work through the unexpected. We know that a well-managed project, combined with some flexibility and common sense, delivers great results to our clients and allows us to strive daily to prove that there can be a perfect project.

Meet Our Team

Get to know Us
Chip Corcoran

Chip Corcoran, PE, LEED AP, MPA

Project Manager, President
Mick Slutter

Mick Slutter, PE

VP, Project Manager
Roger Dill

Roger Dill, PS

Vice President, Survey Manager
Vince Zink

Vincent J. Zink, PE

VP, Project Manager
Patrick Cassity

Patrick Cassity, PE

VP, Project Manager
Curt Talcott

Curtis R. Talcott, PE

VP, Senior Project Manager
Chris Sprague

Chris Sprague, PS

Professional Surveyor
Steve Warger

Steve Warger, PE

Senior Project Manager
Ryan Dugdale

Ryan Dugdale, PE

Senior Project Engineer
Colin McKee

Colin McKee, A.A.E., I-ACE

Director of Aviation Services
Don Hovey

Don Hovey, PE, PS

Senior Project Manager
Andy Gabbert

Andy Gabbert, PLA, LEED AP

Professional Landscape Architect
Dusty Burton

Dustin Burton, PE

Project Manager
Craig Chaney

Craig Chaney, PS

Director of Innovative Aerial Solutions
Brent Thompson

Brent Thompson, PS

Director of Surveying
Jerry Charlton 7.23.18

Jerry Charlton, PE

Structural Engineer
Grant Niehus

Grant Niehus, PE

Traffic Engineer
John Barker

John Barker, PE

Senior Project Manager
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